Staff Awards Nominated by Staff 2018

Working as part of a team is what motivates many of our staff, and they like to recognise each other’s contribution to the happiness and success of their setting by nominating for a series of internal awards. Here are the 2018 winners:

The Champagne Award for the Most Sparkling Personality – Khadar from Ashbourne Day Nurseries at Leavesden

  • He can cheer anyone up! Always smiling.
  • All the children love him and feel settled with him. He is always happy and has an infectious personality.
  • He always has a smile on his face and everyone loves him. He is great with children, parents and staff alike.
  • He is always positive and has a can-do attitude. He brightens up most days with his “singing”.

Got Your Back Award for the most supportive colleague – Kellie from Ashbourne Day Nurseries at Bricket Wood

  • 3rd in charge and always supportive to myself and the whole team.
  • Always there to help whenever needed.

The Mission Impossible Award – Gabby from Ashbourne Day Nurseries at Wing

  • Gabby is a multitasker – she is in the office, she’s in the rooms, she’s at other nurseries. She gives support to whoever needs it. A real asset to the nursery.
  • For taking on the role of deputy manager and supporting the nursery to get an OFSTED “Good”
  • For always having such a caring soul and achieving so much for the nursery since becoming deputy.

The Swiss Army Knife Award for the best Multi Tasker – Mark at Ashbourne Day Nurseries at Oxley Park

  • For making me laugh and the random singing in the room. For making all the amazing nursery food – if we did not have him we would all be hangry!
  • For making food for two nurseries and always making healthy meals for the children.
  • “Mr Kitchen Man” – Always gets the job done without fuss and brings flare and flavour to all the meals.
  • Without him everyone would be lost. He is an amazing chef.
  • Always delivering good food regardless.