Brand New Baby Nursery at Princes Risborough

We are delighted to have opened our Brand New Baby Nursery in Princes Risborough this week!

After months of planning, redecorating and refurnishing the nursery (which used to be the Secret Garden), with themes and equipment designed especially for babies, we are delighted to have opened the doors to a great take up locally. It is is dedicated to the needs of babies from the age of 3 months up to the point where they are confidently mobile, when they are ready to move to our sister day nursery a few minutes away. All our equipment is especially designed to help your very young child to learn and develop in a safe and stimulating environment.

The Ashbourne Baby Nurseries at Prices Risborough is only moments away from the group’s other nursery in the town, and both sites are managed by experienced leader Emma Albone, who has been working hard to get everything in place for the launch.

Find out more about the brand new baby nursery at Princes Risborough here.